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Client-focus :  Our objective is simple: to be viewed by clients as the first point-of-contact for all their financial, advisory and compliance needs. We achieve this by providing sensible ad....  Read More
Professional Team :  Our service team composed of selected senior professionals who actually perform the work, have abilities and competencies matching client’s requirements and are dedicate....  Read More
Personal attention :  A distinguishing feature of Hussam Eddin Hasan & CO. is the priority given to personal attention by our partners to clients. We believe that our Partners’ attenti....  Read More
Specialists :   The growth of our company has been and continues to be based on our vision to be the best in our market. Right from the start of their career, our people are encouraged to f....  Read More
Availability :  We recognize the importance of easy access to high quality professional advice to our clients. As such, our partners do not only lead assignments, ensuring the utmost quality ....  Read More
Relationships :  Client relationships are key to everything we do. By investing time in developing strong relationships and gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients, we deliver efficie....  Read More
Ambition :  Like our clients, our aim is to develop and grow through providing valuable solutions. Our ambition is evidenced by the fact that our Company continues to grow, despite the....  Read More
Values :  Our values are: integrity, personal service, quality, knowledge and a global view. It is this commitment which ensures we meet the needs of clients while providing a stimulati....  Read More


There are tax implications for whatever we do in today's world! Decisions made today will often affect your tax burden in the future. Hussam Eddin Hasan & CO. ensures you are not only aware of them, but you achieve maximum tax-efficiency in the short and long-term. We provide a range of lo....

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Our services are tailored to exactly meet the needs of our clients and provide enhanced advice that improves their businesses.  Access to the resources of our worldwide association of member consultants enables us to provide a full range of services in areas such as: •   ....

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Accounting and auditing services are the foundation of our business. We provide quality, value-added accounting services, while adhering to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards required of our profession.  Accurate financial information keeps your business running smoothl....

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We provide the following HR services:   Recruitment We understand that recruiting new employees can be a challenge, but you can save valuable time through our service that allows you to search for candidates who have the specific skills you are looking for. We can help you find the ....

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Our services cover the following sectors:   ·  Manufacturing & retail ·  Leisure & tourism ·  Advertising and media ·  Commerce, banking & finance ·  Government, public sector, education & health &midd....

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  High profile business failures and tougher regulations require organizations to manage risk more effectively, whether it be credit, market, liquidity, IT, or other operational risk.   Risk management requires sophisticated techniques that help management to control risk as a major par....

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Whatever ambitions you have for your business, Hussam Eddin Hasan & CO. corporate finance specialists can help you achieve them. They can provide specialist skills, practical experience, Know-how and objectivity to assist you in your future plans, whether you are looking to expand, merge, or sel....

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Our high quality audit service not only provides professional opinion but also extends to provide assurance on the company’s controls.  Assurance services and 'adding value' are not usually viewed together, since the primary objective of an audit is to provide an independent opinion on a ....

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